Thursday, April 9 – Lock Up You Animals (The world will be OK)


I shouldn’t be writing this, and you shouldn’t be reading it. My point of view is more cynical than most, with a terminally alarmist bent. Over the past decade or so, I have littered the airwaves with hundreds of songs, remixes, YouTube updates and never failed to alienate almost every fan who finally realized what I was saying. I sing Reggae, mostly over party music, but at some point, I got the bright idea that I could interject a social message. I live in the Heart of Babylon. They don’t understand this stuff. No one would ever realize they were dancing to the beat of their own indictment… until they did. So, after being booed off stage in my own home town, I realized I had to take the show on the road.

Because of technology: The show could stay on the road, even while I raised children… even through a global pandemic.

These are the observations of someone who hopes art might save humanity. The world will be OK, but humanity’s days are clearly numbered. It’s no one’s fault but our own. We allowed economics to upset the evolutionary apple cart. Attributes that contradict the greater good were lionized in recent times. Life-affirming attitudes have been discouraged. Monetary incentives to embrace death itself have been placed before the youth. Chasing wealth has been the only clear validation.

How long was this all supposed to last? When the dotcom bubble burst at the turn of the new millennium, it was amazing to see how companies scrambled to keep up. The stock market recovered, and eventually, new highs and lows were being set all over again. Before that happened, one key change was realized. Whereas a company could go IPO and raise mega capital on the strength of a catchy name, investors finally understood there needed to be a legitimate business model built-in. You don’t just put your money where you think others will, because of the glitz and glamour. Substance was the key to a company’s survival.

As we are forced into increasingly austere measures, we are realizing that substance is the key to our survival. Needs are once again taking precedent over vanity. Still, societal decay is inevitable. Those in charge maintain their hegemony at the expense of others, and eventually, the cards are shuffled… and by now, you’re wondering what the hell this all has to do with the Coronavirus.

This is the thing. It could be a natural or man-made virus. It could be a computer virus (look up the Y2K Bug). It could be an asteroid from outer space. Every so often, an exceedingly decadent society is going to receive a wake-up call. We of the “First World” have become too complacent. Given the fact that our creature comforts depend on the misery of other world citizens, there is a system in place that needs to be reset. The common folk are powerless.

Regardless of what you think, people are dying of something. COVID-19 precautions are most certainly not to be shrugged off, and we should not anticipate a return to the previous version of “normalcy.” What was that anyway? A world spawned by the 1980’s Wall Street movie mantra: “Greed… is Good” eventually turned into a haven for organ harvesters, human traffickers, tiki-torch bearing Nazis, inner-city residents trained to shoot at one another. Yet, again, substance is the key to our survival; therefore, many of these issues can be addressed by locking all you animals (good and bad) inside your places of residence (cages), until a better way forward can be found.

You love wealth? Well, now you will receive your orders from The Super Rich. Who did you think ran the governments all this time? You are hereby instructed to do the following: Go To WORK. Go To WALMART. Go HOME. Welcome to life in the 21st Century… and in your absence, watch how nature thrives. The only way out of this mess is to re-locate your spiritual center. Reacquaint yourself with human traits, such as empathy. Resist the calling of hatred and greed. That way, instead of struggling to survive, you begin to make yourself necessary to the world. The world will be OK.