Friday, April 24 – Where Ya Going, Honey? FK YOU!! That’s Where


 …because by now, you’ve had your fill, and you’re utterly fed up, not to mention being sick and tired of the person(s) you have to “quarantine” with. It doesn’t matter that you’ll move mountains for these people. Right now, it would be just fine if you could move a mountain IN BETWEEN you and them! 

 Imagine if you will, a family of lions in the Sahara. One lion always wakes up hungry and immediately depletes the entire food supply of the pride. One of the lions stays in its goddamned pajamas all day and does not communicate well with the rest. Another lion takes hours to get dressed (to go nowhere) and locks everyone out of the bathroom. A whole family of these beasts trapped in the same cage would certainly make for an interesting TV show. 

 This is the point. Lions were not meant to be caged! They want to roam free as part of the rat race, go to Starbucks, and indulge in materialism so they can outdo their neighbors! They need to conquer distant lands and take pictures with the natives for social media! This is no way for a lion to live! Lions need space, or they will fucking lose their shit!! 

 So here is MC ZULU’s advice about the clearing of space, especially during a global pandemic…

 Clearing of space does not start in the physical realm. Any human experience that exists usually takes place within the mind first. You may be born into certain conditions, but the end result is more than likely something you dreamed would happen. If people can escape abject poverty, and make something of their lives, then you can survive quarantine. This is not a dismissive statement. You MUST survive quarantine. 

 Moreover, you need to emerge from this situation in a better position. This is not a damned vacation. Some people have had to redouble their efforts just to stay afloat. For them, a positive mental image will require a bit of irrationality. They must dictate a new reality to their subconscious before they see it manifest physically. 

 These are my notes to self:

 When you feel anxiety about money, tell yourself how rich you are. Mentally add zeros to your bank account and KNOW, against all indicators, that it will happen. You are allowed. Tell yourself how fit you are. Free yourself from unnecessary mental addictions. After a while, you’ll find you didn’t need a pandemic to make this change.

 Physical space has got to be cleared. Objects you have not touched in 6 months or more… perhaps they can be sent to another realm, for this is no longer your cage. It is your universe. Only an empty vessel can be filled. Your vessel is full of the trappings, which brought about the current reality. Discard what is unnecessary and decide what really needs to be there.

 With that in mind, you just might have to clear some of the wrong people (or lions) from your life. Tell yourself you will be drawn only to circumstances that benefit you. Likewise, you will enhance the lives of everyone you encounter somehow. The things you discard can be a treasure to someone else. It’s all about usefulness. It’s no longer about acquisition. Know well the difference between wants and needs.

 With this mindset, the desire for prosperity is not greed because all notions of competition have been stripped away. You don’t want to do well in order to “keep up with the Joneses” you are tapping into a deeper motivation that is much closer to your spiritual center. Suddenly tastes are not defined by comparison. What the crowd does, what the mob likes is not a factor. Live for yourself first. 

Unless its business, you no longer lend money. Give what you can (not necessarily what they want). The intention is not to paint yourself in a better light. It is literally to CLEAR SPACE. The dollar you give or hold on to, with miserly intent, takes up much more space than it’s worth. It may end up costing you thousands.

 In the State of Illinois, where I currently reside, Goodwill is still accepting donations. I know, they are for profit. Some people have a problem with that. Some people take issue with the Salvation Army’s overt Christianity. Make your own decision with the intention of doing good for others but clear the space.

 Last week I tossed out a thousand MC ZULU CDs and cassettes. Why the hell was I holding on to that? This week I received a virtual DJ booking out of nowhere. I played some of those same songs to an appreciative audience and was immediately booked for something else. I never shed a tear about the plastic that littered the garage, but it’s only occurring to me now, how it all worked out, as I write this. So I’m actively looking for the next thing to clear out. Empty space has limitless potential.