Monday, June 1 – Coronavirus: What’s The Deal With These Numbers?


Many people don’t know I’ve been a nurse since the 1990s. I started off as an Army medic. One of my nursing colleagues, who I’ve known for a long time, wrote to me on a Thursday to say she was “in the ICU with COVID.” By the next Tuesday, her son had taken over her social media account to place memorial pictures and goodbye messages. It’s very heartbreaking, surreal, and to be honest, scary.

Another friend was found unresponsive, in bed, by his wife. Both deaths will undoubtedly be attributed somehow to COVID-19. During this time, I have not really been active on social media. Still, I read the posts and judge the overall sentiment. Distrust of the official narrative has reached epic proportions. Bullying has become the pervasive theme. Numbers people once claimed to be gospel are now being widely questioned, and people are in the dark about the whole thing.

As I mourn my friends, those who remain make war with each other on social media. Between the conspiracy theorists here and the frightened sheep there, I began to develop my own theory… What if everyone was a little right? What if all these recent deaths could truly be related to coronavirus? But then again, what if certain people had a vested interest that would be served with the reporting of increased (or decreased) numbers?

Also… What if simple MISTAKES are being made due to the sheer novelty of the situation? This all sounds too much like life. I now challenge you to name one thing that does NOT have competing interests, accompanied by a margin of error. In this case, all sides of the argument also have a powerful platform from which to spout their opinions. So what position does the average person take?

The only thing that has made sense throughout the entire Coronavirus saga is that we should treat everyone as if they are infected. We really need to prevent the spread of the virus by following these universal precautions. Sadly, what is not being broadcast is that this disease seems to utilize all our pre-existing conditions and bad habits to flourish.

COVID-Related can, therefore, mean anything, from circulatory to respiratory; even integumentary conditions have some “skin” in the game. My fellow medical people will understand that pun. They are also aware of the macabre coping mechanism that has us making the most inappropriate jokes at the worst times imaginable.

Even if you question the official narrative concerning what’s happening, as you joke about the utter ridiculousness of the situation, keep in mind that people are truly losing their lives. If you are immunocompromised for any reason, you are at risk. This is a deadly infection, so even as you hunker down in fear of your fellow humans, start to evaluate your own personal routine. It could play a significant role in your chances of survival.

One day the root causes of COVID-19 will be less obscured. As we put distance between ourselves and the current state of affairs, things will make sense… but as of now, we are in the midst of chaos. The only position that’s warranted is a defensive one. Not only should you maintain a careful space between yourself and any potential carriers, but you should also look within and take this time to re-evaluate everything. With all these versions of the “truth” flying around, the time has come to be truly honest with yourself.