Thursday, May 7 – COVID Confusion: A Compelling Case for Continual Quarantine


COVID Confusion: A Compelling Case for Continual Quarantine. Try saying THAT fast three times! You really have to put some thought into saying a phrase like that. Now, after you’ve met that challenge, ask yourself: Do you actually agree with the above? Or, is it something you’ve been trained to accept? This is the power of a catchphrase. If you hear it everywhere, you will begin to accept it as truth, regardless of its inherent validity.

 New catchphrases are emerging daily: 

 STAY HOME! WEAR A MASK! SOCIAL DISTANCE! SHELTER IN PLACE! The universal precautions regarding quarantine should be adhered to, but catchphrases should not be the only mode of communication that penetrates our thoughts.

The present-day finds us in a world of egoistic citizens making daily, recreational supermarket runs. They are blissfully unaware of any impending collapse of the social fabric. Many have received stimulus checks, and the day is looking great. 

 You’ve done such a wonderful job of wiping down your shopping cart. You applied hand sanitizer. Your gloves are a perfect fit, and you got the jump on masks before they sold out. 

 Tonight you’ll post your dinner on social media, then launch into a self-aggrandized, catch phrase-laden tirade against the woman at the grocery store who didn’t have her mask on. SHE ENDANGERED YOUR LIFE!!! GOD DAMN her.

 ……… and GOD DAMN YOU too,

 for leaving your discarded latex gloves, surgical mask, sanitation wipes, and empty kombucha bottle in the parking lot. Also, the shopping cart you failed to replace rolled into someone else’s car. You will never know what an absolute stain you are to the universe until the supply chain breaks, and you have to eat dog food.

 Can that actually happen? As of April 27, 2020, Business Insider reports that farmers are destroying millions of pounds of crops because there is no way to get them to consumers. 

Millions of live chickens are being destroyed due to either lack of feed or staffing shortages. This happening worldwide. If farms can no longer take care of chickens, imagine cows, and even worse… pigs! Look up how long it takes a pig to go feral, and what they are capable of. 

 Now imagine what it takes for a human being to go feral. 

 Some people are already doing it. Ahmaud Arbery had the audacity to be Black while jogging through a Georgia neighborhood. Gregory McMichael and his son Travis jumped in their pickup, hunted Ahmaud down, and shot him dead. They called a retired cop buddy to help clean up the scene and craft a narrative of “break-ins.” The local district attorney recused himself because the retired cop was also his friend. Before doing that, however, he declined pressing charges against the McMichaels, citing a variation of the “Stand Your Ground” law. Now there is an interesting catchphrase.

 “Litehouse Whole Food Grill,” a health restaurant in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, is known for giving away meals to those in need. On April 29 2020 they were robbed at gunpoint by two frequent beneficiaries of that same policy. Robbers cited “The Coronavirus” as the chief motivation for their crime. Rico Nance, owner of Litehouse, did not get into his car to hunt down the (ACTUAL not suspected) robbers. He has not wavered in his desire to provide food for the needy.

 He told local media: “In a world full of hatred and depression and need, we want to be the light to shine, and I’m going to continue to do that,”. This is not a mindless catchphrase concocted by a marketing guru, designed to influence human behavior. It’s a personal mantra stemming from a desire to help humanity. Imagine the vile phrases some people are uttering after a robbery like that. Instead of subscribing to them, Nance is thinking for himself.

 As a result of Nance’s generosity, donations are streaming in from all across the country

It is important that we recognize and reward the humanitarian, conscious mindset. It’s the only thing that will save us in the event of a societal collapse. Prior to the “lockdown,” the most degenerate points of view were glorified. Racism, self-hate, and apathy towards the plight of others is already ingrained, and we have not lived by personal mantras. We’ve lived by manufactured catchphrases, never questioning their validity. That lack of thought makes us no different from the chickens. They, too, were on lockdown… until their situation was deemed no longer tenable.