April 19, 2020, Supply Chain Issues, and Serenity, Now


And the beat goes on.

How does it feel like the days are going by so fast when I’m really not doing much at all? It’s 2/3rds through April, and the starting of the month seriously feels like it was yesterday.

I have to say it’s particularly difficult in my case to ground myself and come to terms with everything when I haven’t even been home to my son or my main ground since before news of COVID-19 came into light. I am stuck in a very surreal place, playing this thing out in not even where I felt like a second home, considering that we moved literally right when this all started. My dreams are always screwed up, but now I’m not quite sure if my subconscious even realizes where “home” really is.

We went out to Thuwal today (which is a smaller town about 25 minutes from here) in search of eggs. For some reason, there seems to be a shortage everywhere. I always wear my abaya when I go to these smaller places, actually, I cover up as much as I can. Even though I try, the looks I get are either of disgust or the other kind which I feel that are pretty much along the same lines as a prostitute would on her first night out. 

We ended up finding out that they were also out of eggs. This is quite a shame since I really look forward to making eggs in the morning, and since we have to already live without meat products from a pig (they are illegal here), eggs were all I had for breakfast. Oh well, it could be much, much, MUCH worse, I could be out of toilet paper! ;P 

Anyway, I’m getting a bit uneasy about the things that are disappearing off of the shelves, I hope it doesn’t continue for much longer.

3 pm curfew: all humans now stay inside their residence for the rest of the day.

The humidity has become just too much the past few days, so now my rooftop escape is a good place during the day to write and think, and at night to work off the huge amounts of food I have been consuming. My husband managed to get the treadmill up 3 flights of stairs last week, now I have a place to get some exercise in. My past exercises were honestly biking…to the grocery store to get myself chips and other food (hahaha), defeating the purpose pretty much! Anyway, I need this energy boost. It gives me the serotonin that I need to get through these times.

I step on the treadmill for what I hope to continue being a daily activity. I crank up the speed to my desired fast pace and enjoy my unobscured view of the sea. I only wish I had brought my Bluetooth headphones with me so I could vibe to some good music, I will have to just put up with my own thoughts. The gorgeous warm, clear blue waters ripple with small waves that I am no longer allowed to touch only a km away from me, and I feel the passionate caress of the sun and cool breeze on my skin. I am thankful for the opportunity to live in a nice area. My serotonin levels rise and I think of all of the good things in my life: My family, my friends and how grateful I am to have the things I need.

I usually try to take a portion out of my days to check on my parents and friends to see how everyone is doing and, hopefully, lift their spirits if need be. It’s always important to keep in touch, I think, especially at times like these.

I just received an order I made from a Dubai company clothes store. I tried to get some more conservative clothing, knowing that I will be here for far longer than I intended. This didn’t stop me from hacking at least one sweatshirt neckline with scissors and made a little design cut out of a leaf (it turns out). It’s good enough to wear around the house when I’m home, and honestly, lately, I’m not too bothered by what anyone else thinks anyway. I like what I like. 

Good news: My sewing machine just got delivered!!! Now all I need is material, and I can get back into sewing. I can’t wait to see all the new threads I manage to design. 😀 

Bad news: The grocery store in our community is closed temporarily because of something to do with “Government regulations” (according to the shipping place). This is really making things difficult for a few reasons: the closest grocery store is 25 minutes away by car (outside of the compound), we only have till 3 pm to get what we need and come back, there are lines to wait in that could take hours, and my husband has meetings randomly through the day from 9-5 pm, and I don’t drive.

Serenity now!

I miss home.