Monday, June 1 – We Do Not Get to Tell Someone How to Process their Pain
By Aliya Lily LONDON, U.K.

Hi friends, please hear me out on something.
Especially to the ones saying ”focus on love, unity, this is only creating more separation” – the intention in that is trying to be good, but the energetics of it are weak and flawed. There are much stronger ways your energy could be of service.
Maybe it’s confusing right now, I understand, let me try and break it down
I have some questions for you:
If a friend came to you and told you they had been raped, and is hurting and needs a shoulder, needs to rage, needs to process, needs space held, needs healing. What would you do?
If you’re in a plant medicine ceremony, and the person next to you is throwing up, crying, screaming, processing wounds. What would you do?
If your sister, brother, mother, father went through something traumatic and came to you for help. What would you do?
Would you honor their healing process? Would you hold space for them? Or would you try and make it about you and impose your beliefs on how they should or shouldn’t heal?
We do not get to tell someone else how to process their pain—bottom line. We can support them, hold space, and offer our words if asked, but that’s it.
Imagine if someone did that to you while you heal?
Imagine if someone told your pain is not valid and that you are wrong in what you feel
What is happening right now from the perspective of Spirit, what we are seeing, is the largest trauma healing ceremony we have ever seen on Earth. Many other groups will go/are going through this as well as we evolve down this road of lifting the veil to bravely face our collective wounds. The feminine has been going through it. We all will.
And we have a choice to either hold space for this deep trauma to heal or to continue being on the side of oppressing it. There is nothing in the middle; that is the truth. It is a veil that will lift if you allow it ….. feel this …. it will bring an evolution for your soul.
& of course, it’s not just black and brown communities that have healing to do. BUT their trauma is among the deepest here, and it’s for THEM we hold space right now. It’s not about you.
It’s like being in a ceremony, and the Shaman has been focused on you, helping you, and then he is called to help someone else, and you get offended by the other person’s healing because it means the focus is not on you anymore. Do you get that? Can you feel it?
Look at our human history. Really look at it. For black and brown communities, it means hundreds of years of control, slavery, rape, oppression, DEEP DEEP TRAUMA, and it’s now coming to the surface. And all we need to do is hold space, LISTEN and speak/take action when required. But mostly just fucking listen to the voices of those who have been voiceless and wounded for so long. The pain the ancestors have been carrying is now given space to come through. FEEL IT. Honor it. Meditate with it. Cry with it. Create with it. Be a part of this ceremony. This grief and sorrow processing is so so sacred.
The black & brown communities are not standing up and saying ”we hate white people” – they’re smarter than that. They know the truth, and they see through this. They know what it’s about. They’re saying:
We’ve been abused for a long time
We’re tired
We’re scared
We’re sad
We’re hurting
Please listen to Stephan Jackson in the video I posted. He starts his speech with I love white people. I love all races.
So this isn’t about ”white” people as a race. White people have also been greatly hurt by the oppressive systems. Only a very few benefit from those systems…. do you understand? But because of the way this has all been set up in the recent thousand years, not having dark skin means you lean more to the side of those who do benefit. In the simplest ways of things like fucking SAFETY which many of us do not need to think about in the same ways as these hurting communities do right now
Can you fucking feeling the impact of that?
Its not a race war as some of you are afraid it’s becoming. It’s only that if you don’t really see what is going on. Its the deepest trauma purging healing ceremony there has ever been, and it is ONLY through this we evolve.
And right now, we hold space for those that have been hurting the most for the longest.
I repeat. It’s not about you.

I see a vision of us in a global ceremony, where the deepest pain has the chance to be acknowledged, respected, heard, and felt. The rainbow ancestors are dancing and stomping their feet hard.
From this place, we build, guided by this healing. From this, they, we, collectively, are going to birth the most exquisite wisdom and systems out from the Earth’s core, it’s going to blow our minds and hearts, and we will come completely humbled to this process and experience of life. Hands, ears, heart to the ground. I guarantee you this. I believe in this with everything I am.
I want to deconstruct the phrase ”white supremacy” a bit more. Maybe another time. We don’t need to be offended by it. But it is a mindset that we must all free ourselves from.
Truth bomb: Saying “focus on love and light” is an INCREDIBLY immature response wrapped in the language of spirituality. It’s an icky old paradigm. And honestly, I’m sick to my stomach of hearing it.”
Aliya Lily