By Jean Claude LOS ANGELES

I would like to say hello to everybody with lots of love; from my mouth and my heart to you guys. Some people ask me a question about this virus… what it will bring and stuff like that. I don’t want to make a joke about it, but the only answers I can give are the following.

What happens is supposed to happen.


It’s a disaster on one side of – I would say – the metaphor of the yin and the yang. I’d say right now, we are in the yin, it’s a kind of a disaster, it’s sad.

And on the yang side, if I can find somehow, somewhere, to forget some pain, or to appease something…

I see blue skies around the world.

I see animals, females, mammals, in the waters, having been stressed having a baby newborn in the water, knowing that she will not be harmed, being imperiled. Lots of animals are now free and have less stress in exchange for that very bad virus who is stopping us from going forward.

But at the same time, it looks like some sort of a mathematical balance, that I cannot explain, but we’re all aware deep inside ourselves that we did go a little too far and what’s happening if it’s out of being organically there – forgive my English … while it’s there for that, and that’s why I’m thinking that virus is kind of happening the way it was supposed to happen.

I love people, I love children, I love animals.

But when I see them and the way we treat them, not all of us, more people love animals, than people don’t like animals,
Why we don’t have the capacity of doing something without hurting them. And maybe nature, including that maybe the painful virus, will get us to talk to our bodies and leave us (them) alone.

That’s why I’m thinking like a child, that picture is brighter.
But at least, it feels good that you ask me that question.

Because for years, I’ve been suffering like many children,
an emotional, sensitive guy like me… about the killing and eating of species that we don’t need to touch.

Even though in China they are having a very very very hard time, they are eating the seam of a tree as tea. Let’s don’t forget pop culture… I love America, I became Bloodsport because of that.
I love China. I shot Bloodsport with American money and Israeli producers in Hong Kong. So I love all countries. All I’m saying is let’s try to take it easy on the ecology and the environment. If we respect them, I think this nature will help us cure this very bad f**king disease.

Thank you so much, from Los Angeles, I love you all, and I’m sorry about my emotions.

Thank you,

Jean Claude Van Damme
(Speaking at COVID-19 Respond & Recover Virtual Conference & Expo April 30, 2019)