Sunday April 12 in the year of the Covid19. Day 36 of Social Isolation

Rhett the Jett Morita TORONTO, CANADA

Okay, unprecedented, uncertain, and unknown ‘new’ times aside, this is a weird new world of social isolation. So much time at home with your closest circle of family, significant others, or just yourself. We have been introduced to this microscopic novel ‘stranger’ who has greeted us with a straightforward and firm ‘handshake’ that, for some, never lets go. And due to its arrival in the world, we have been forced to accept new rules of engagement, new social etiquette, new means and ways for personal integration, in relating to our new visitor. For many, the biggest change in our lives, as social creatures, is the almost complete separation from all of our friends, at least in the physical sense of live human to human exchanges, within our new 2-meter bubble of safe proximity. Even then, the term essential is used as criteria for the often legal allowance of any interaction between humans, these days.

So we are spending a lot of time, if not all our time with the company of ourselves. Many have not spent more than a few hours or perhaps days away from their friends, family, or even just other humans. How many of us have gone off to a private, solo retreat, whereby no other human interaction takes place for maybe two weeks… or a month. WILSON!!!

So we have to introduce ourselves to ourselves. Like any new encounter, we have to observe, be respectful, be careful, that is caring for each other and try to understand this ’STRANGER’ who at first, maybe shy or acting a role that slowly sheds layers of costumes until maybe someday you are looking at yourself ‘naked.’ It may happen slowly over a month, two, or maybe a year? For some, it may never happen, but it might. Be gentle, considerate, learn to accept this ‘stranger’ warts and all, who is willing to reveal themselves, only now when all normal routines are put on hold. I was once told this wise saying, decades ago… Walk a different path home and meet a stranger.
That stranger is YOU.

I have found I have been wearing the ‘funniest and weirdest things lately, looking like an 80’s rocker complete with new, never worn, black and white zebra print leggings, that I found while cleaning up a storage container, to a bike courier with shorts over thermal leggings, to an astronaut with full face mask, a cowboy, complete with hat and handkerchief over my face, a post-apocalyptic MAD MAX character to a baggy pants silent film star. I am growing my facial hair out to the longest ever in my life. while actively shaving my head, which I had stopped about six months ago. So I know for me, this stranger, cannot get more strange, and yet I have truly enjoyed this freedom, without care or fear of censure. To be me as I feel, at the moment, not following some social/economic ‘norm’ to dress a certain way which was always much more lenient for an artist type but now it is totally open, and I am exploring what feels right, now, not what I think is suitable or acceptable. Whatever makes me feel right inside. It can be all black one day, sports hoodies with gym pants for days on end then flowered shirts with zebra leggings on another. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover the you that has been buried in work, or trapped by social judgments, entangled by business etiquette, or due to the hustling ‘busy-ness’ of self-directed successful modern life, simply did not have the energy to come out. But amidst the seemingly chaotic and stressful new protocols, safety and security is always the first priority, and there may be a chance to meet a stranger. It could be like speed dating, or it could turn into a life long affair. Happy meetings!