Wednesday, April 13th, in the year of the COVID19. Thinking, the unthinkable.

By Rhett Morita, TORONTO, CANADA

Weird, strange, stupid, silly, ridiculous, daft, deranged, loco, psycho, impractical, mental, batty, meshuga, haywire, wacko, bonkers, ludicrous, certifiable, cracked, cuckoo, unreasonable, fucked-up, mad, nutty, and my simple favorite foolish!

These are typical responses when someone presents a radical ‘new’ concept or idea that ‘rocks the boat’ ‘shakes the foundations,’ is a ‘game-changer’ ‘flips the script, ‘turns the tables,’ is revolutionary and presents the unfathomable. All of which reminds me of my favorite word/saying response by Wallace Shawn, from the movie, The Princess Bride is ‘Inconceivable!’

So today, as we slowly, perhaps ‘back-pedal’ into the future, we may find ourselves striving to find our footing along with this never before taken pathway. And we may be exploring new thought processes, new to us, personally, maybe relatively new for the whole human race. There might only be a tiny fraction of the whole human race, thinking along the same lines as you, say (for example, for illustration purposes, no way to prove this) .0001percent.. or roughly 75,000 people on the planet. Now imagine these ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ people’s lives as they try to explain what they see to the masses around them. What kind of resistance would you expect if you were part of the .0001 percent? That would be like 33,000 American’s versus the rest of the US or 3,600 people in Canada. Now the collective, en masse, by democratic vote, would overrule you every time, but it doesn’t deny the validity. So one has to take to heart, in the fact that some outspoken types will be beaten down, countless times by the crowd, but their message may still be valid. We live in these times.

Now in yourself, you may have that same ‘negative,’ dismissive, or even attacking reaction to your own new thoughts. Yes, they need to be carefully checked against a grid of safety, care, and consideration, to yourself and others, but they may actually be valid and necessary to be implemented in the future. So I would wish to promote ‘new think’ not for immediate refusal (unless obviously, they are going to cause personal injury to yourself or others) but more as a forum to consider, but always ‘keeping things open,’ until they can be clearly disproven.

And now for some background reference for context. The history of germ theory, as a general concept began as early as the 11th century, ( Ibn Sina, ) or 14th century by ibn Sina or ibn al-Khatib, or expanded upon by Marcus von Plenciz in 1762, (look them up they are real) but they were held in disdain in Europe as it was commonly governed by the widely accepted, Galen’s Miasma theory (basically ‘bad air,’ aka Night Air spreads disease by the inhaling of this air, perceived to emanate from rotting corpses). It wasn’t until Louis Pasteur in the late 1850s and Robert Koch in the 1880s that Germ Theory and bacteriology became the gold standard of belief. Viruses were only ‘discovered’ in the 1890s. The point is that the accepted view, by the masses (in this case, the supposed learned, trained and brightest) was held incorrectly for hundreds of years by the scientific community before the science could actually prove the Germ concept was actually real. In hindsight, what is also weird is that supposedly many doctors were using an effective smallpox vaccine in the 19th century, but they had no idea truly how it worked since they were not able to see viruses yet and still believed in the ‘bad air’ theory.

So the history of humans demonstrates that we often do not fully understand what we are dealing with and reject ‘earth-shattering’ new concepts. Speaking of ‘earth-shattering,’ look up the reactions to Alfred Wegner’s ‘Continental Drift’ theory in 1912, that was laughed at until the mid-1950’s when it became a completely accepted, and even later, proven theory. It was a forerunner to Tectonic Plate understanding that is routinely taught to grade five’s or earlier today but completely unacceptable only 75 years ago by most of the ‘multiple Ph’d greatest minds’ of their time.

So I am suggesting promoting the free allowance to think and share the unthinkable, specifically to do with future alignment. What novel ideas can be implemented to make our life better, greener, and safer in our new world. The future needs ‘seers’ who can envision what needs to happen before it is too late. Also, I personally believe that the future involves teams, not solo saviors or Joan of Arcs; we need collectives moving the tribe forward. Each person taking up their part, in this digging, some with shovels, some with spoons, some with huge front end loaders, but it is all good, as long as we dig as a team! Maybe it is a time to dream the impossible dream.

Rhett the JETT Morita.

Be aware, be cautious, give, and take care.