Sunday, April 19, Quarantined Celebrations: Trading PJs for Dresses

By Alessia Martino TURIN, ITALY

Quarantine life goes on as everyone awaits impatiently the flattening of the curve and mind-movies of the post-lockdown hypothetical going back to normal life start to play. It is hard to have a clear picture of the future. Quarantine is the new normal, at least for now.

Italy, for example, has recently re-opened book stores, except in the centrally hit region, and except in my region. Regions have their own level of autonomy, which can mean one region can exercise outside as people actually get the chance to get tested while another might not. I ventured out for a walk by the river, for the first time since February, while no one was there, respecting the 200 meters limit from the house. The sun was shining. The grass was green. There was more water than I am used to seeing, as I am usually back only in Summer.

I am an April baby. The last time I was here in April was when I was 19. I think about it, the homemade cupcakes, the people, and the laughter. This year was different and definitely bittersweet as it was a quarantined birthday. The tone was down due to family members missing, and no friends. However, I was showered with birthday wishes from amazing people from all around the world. I was happy to have my family around and enjoy a total of two cakes. Apple pie sprinkled with chocolate chips and blueberry cheesecake. I also pampered myself with a South Korean facial mask, and, for once, I traded PJs for dresses. Happy quarantined birthday to me!

After my birthday, Easter came. I wasn’t ready to let it pass and was glad we all got to have an Easter egg. I got double-layered dark chocolate and cocoa Ferrero, one with a tris of Ferrero inside. We also played lasagna and played games, it was great.

I hurt my right hand, and as some movements are hard to do, I needed to slow down. I took a week off from morning work and surrendered to the endless flow of time. I sometimes forget what day it is, but still wake up between 7 and 8 and go to bed around midnight. I had some of my best sleep in this quarantine. I also started helping my little sister with her English, as my pre-pandemic job was to teach English abroad, and this is an excellent chance for bonding.