Sunday, April 26 – Everyday Can Be An Adventure, Even in Quarantine

By Alessia Martino TURIN, ITALY

Every day can be an adventure, even in quarantine, especially because the time we “never had” is now ours to take. 

For example, mid-week, I decided it was time to do some decluttering in my life through a radical reorganization of space. Therefore, I started to open every drawer and every box to see what I could do without. I knew more or less what was where, but apparently not everything. A cleaning task became an adventure soon. The best surprise was hidden in plain sight and had apparently been there for a while, undisturbed. I found my old passport, which I thought lost, and I started traveling through its pages. I found a window through time and space, which brought me so much joy. I was in the USA again, just ten years younger, then Australia, Uk, Cyprus, Greece, Czech Republic and then somewhere else more recent.  

I miss traveling and can’t wait to get back at it in the future, although I do enjoy the pause. I don’t even know how traveling will be in the future. For now, one of the things I miss the most is those days of endless walking, when 30000 steps took me to make the best-unplanned memories. Every experience, anyway, regardless of how far in time and space, cannot be taken away from me.

(Editor’s note: Alessia is a time traveler too!)

Other adventures of my quarantine are represented by every series and movie I watch, taking me beyond. I guess the quarantine was finally the right time to catch up on shows, but also to do the Marvel movies (MCU) chronological-order marathon. I think I watched eight out of how many were made, between this and the past week. Great much-needed action.


Life is still enjoyable, but there is something I miss most of all, diversifying the taste of food. I am nowhere near used to eating food in the same taste spectrum every day. I love all the richness and flavors of Italian food, but even that is limited. I miss the spices of the East, and I miss trying new dishes every day. My pre-pandemic life was a culinary adventure. I tried to have different food from different countries as much as I could, as each bite could take me somewhere new. Repeated flavors can be boring if consumption is too close in proximity. Supermarket selection of my present location limits what I can try to cook from abroad. Thankfully my brother found non-instant noodles for me to satisfy my craving of fried noodles. I need to find all the ingredients for the sauce, which is going to be challenging but can’t wait to embark on my tastebuds on that Asian adventure again. 

The Italian lockdown is planned to be eased on the 4th of May for phase two of re-opening. It is a relief, but I’m not sure I want to leave my safe abode just yet. I had to use my mask only once for now due to a close but (socially)distanced encounter, but seeing the other person taking the mask off mid-way doesn’t make me believe in other people’s safe behavior. When I got back inside, I took off and soaped my washable mask and all the outer clothing, then I washed my hands, glasses, and face. I do my part, but my part might not be enough if others don’t do theirs.