Wednesday, June 17, The Sun Shines Again

By Alessia Martino TURIN, ITALY

This week, like the previous one, has been pretty cold. It has been down-pouring rain, we had 15 minutes of hailing storm, and there was no sign of summer, yet. However, on Saturday night, I was sitting by the same window, looking at the same mountains in a different light. The sky just cleared after a full day of rain. The birds were chirping happily, and the dog barked at the occasional passing car. I could also hear music in the distance. I heard peace, and I felt peace.

Then Sunday came, respecting its own name. The sun was shining again. Therefore, I put sunscreen on to go outside. I bought it the week before but had no use for it. Quality sunscreen is generally a high priced item, so I needed to make my money last. I got the gun-type as it was cheaper and had more than a similarly priced competitive item. Anyway, I got to shoot and save my skin. It was a great day for eating outside. Therefore we splurged on a barbeque, some drinks, and a full day in the great outside. We even took the dog, and ourselves, for a walk along the river. It was great. The day ended with a yummy dinner and smiles.

On top of seeing the sun again, mid-week, I finally got a new phone. It was the first time ordering one online. I was lost in the endless sea of options, so I asked a friend for help. I ended up getting the same phone as hers, but when it came in the mail seemed bigger than I remembered. It is bigger than expected, definitely not pocket friendly, but great for watching movies. Funny thing is I always wanted small phones for my small hands. I, however, can adapt, as I have adapted to different changes already. Not a big deal for sure, because I am mostly happy to be able to connect with faraway people a bit more again. Very important for me, I have reconnected with a great friend by being able to re-access the only messing application he uses. It took me days to be able to figure it out, but I was able to make contact. We talked about our last trips, our current situation, and life in general. I laughed when he said that in his country, people are describing Italy as having a Zombie-like apocalypse, while in facts, things are getting better, and life is becoming more normal.
I also had my first video call of the pandemic since I have been home. The first video call was Saturday afternoon with my little sister. We tried all the filters and backgrounds for the occasion. I became pizza, I floated in space with cats, and I had a pretend vacation in places like the desert and by a lake.

In conclusion, things are getting better on most fronts, so let’s buckle up for the rest of the ride.