Sunday, May 3 – Small Things to Keep the Spirit Alive

By Alessia Martino TURIN, ITALY

This week has probably been the most diversified one of my quarantine yet.

The weather has been alternating between a grey down-pour rain sky and a cloudless blue one. It affected my mood from time to time, although I am generally calm with a positive outlook on life, other than my room lighting. Looking outside the window has been fun, and the still but ever-changing scenery has given me a prime show. Sometimes, I just stop whatever I am doing and sit at the table by the window; I like to contemplate the view of the mountains at a different time from dawn to dusk, always amazed by their beauty. It can be a few seconds or a much longer time, especially interesting when the spring sun is out, and the sky is clear. The afternoon blue sky always brings me the most peace.

Entertainment has been diversified. We started playing UNO and Jenga, I forgot I had them. It was fun to see my sisters getting familiar with the latter as they never played it before. I have a mini Jenga that I bought at Ikea, which has the blocks in three different colors and a dice to choose from. The mini part makes it all more fun as there is less room for pushing blocks out of the middle, and the risk of compromising the tower stability is higher. Different towers were definitely harmed in the playing of the game, but the laughable outcome was golden. On a different occasion, we decided to put on nail polish. I decided on light blue and salmon-like pink on alternating fingers. May Day was the best as we played a civilization board game named “Through the ages” for over five hours. We were well into it. Small things like this keep the spirit alive.

Getting back to Thursday, yoga, was also great. I missed it. I wasn’t able to do yoga for like three weeks, but as my hands don’t hurt as much as before, it was worth trying. I need to get back some wrist strength. I wasn’t able to do two asanas but thankfully was able to follow everything else because the lesson was slow-paced. The ending meditation was what I needed and missed the most. 10 minutes gave me strength as if I slept 10 hours. Still had the strength for a full Avengers movie, to continue with the Marvel marathon. On May Day, Friday, we hit movie number 10 with Antman.

When one week ends, another starts, and I’m hoping for it to be as good. May the 4th be with us as we start phase two. More people will be allowed to leave the house as more get back to work; also, restaurants will be allowed to do take away food; and people will be allowed to travel within the region rather than just within the town borders, also to visit close relatives.