Wednesday, August 26, Good People Respect Other’s Decisions


Dear quarantined-world,

It’s been a minute, that’s for sure.
But I’m grateful because I have been extremely busy. I almost need a vacation from the quarantine. What can I tell you? Well, it’s been over five months of quarantine. Even with family members, social gatherings are prohibited in closed spaces-regardless of the number of people. People have taken to gathering with not more than four people outdoors in places such as parks and plazas. However, that does not guarantee anything since the virus is in the air.
We are moving up in the country rankings – just in terms of cases alone, and we are sitting at position 13. I realize that the most important number to look at is the percentage of deaths or whatnot (which is still relatively low, compared to other countries with fewer cases), but the whole thing really doesn’t make me feel any better.
I’m not sure what the government has planned going forward. Hair salons have opened up, people are still allowed to walk and run (with or without masks) between 6 pm, and 10 am – but socially distancing, when you are in a park that is full of people, is quite challenging.

In other news, aside from working, I have been using the quarantine to my advantage. Music is taking off. I played at one of the most well-known clubs in Buenos Aires a couple of weeks ago.

Of course, there were no people. It was just a couple of us DJs, the sound guy, and one of the owners (I think). It was pretty strange being in a club that I’d never seen empty…and cold. Oh, and the audience was a few dancing mannequins (wish they’d been fully clothed though). But the nerves were the same as if the place had been full of people – knowing people are watching brings them out just the same and, actually, even with the potential for MORE people to watch you. Since it’s broadcasted online, not only can people from other countries see you, but the number of people who watch you could be way more than the number that would fill the club.

Who knows when events will come back – and they may never come back in the same way (as we’ve seen in other parts of the world). For example, going to a concert and having to remain within a small little platform that’s just for you and the three people from your circle.

I mean, that’s all fine and dandy, but something like that would NEVER work here (and in many other parts of the world). When you live in a place where rules are mere “guidelines,” the change towards a new way of living for people and how society operates would be slow-going and probably littered with issues. Right now, we are having a hard enough time just maintaining the basic distancing principles.
Many people wear masks as they have been mandatory for over five months now – aside from those people who feel the law doesn’t apply to them or wearing masks on their chins or carrying them in their hands has the same effect as wearing them. There are many campaigns around wearing masks, washing your hands, etc. However, one of the issues is that there has not been so much campaigning around social distancing. I’m not sure why not. But at least the media is starting to capture the issue. For example, social distancing in lines, social distancing while walking or running – people aren’t doing that. The new mentality is “wear a mask, stand next to someone.”

I’ve been trying to “date” during the quarantine. That’s not going over so well. Many people try to push breaking quarantine or try to stress that “talking is overrated,” etc. Yeah, sorry, buddy, no. Again, good people respect others’ decisions – and if you decide to meet for a walk on the street, then that’s fine! And if your decision is “Hey, I’m not cool with anything. I’m staying inside,” okay! Anyway, it’s proving to be a challenge. I have broken quarantine a couple of times but tried to stay as distant as possible from people, use a mask and then spend the following two weeks without coming into contact with anyone to really protect them from me. Responsible quarantining? I don’t know.

Five months of quarantine and counting…will it ever end? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe in a few months, maybe in a couple of years, maybe not in my lifetime…who knows.
But it’s at the point now where we have to embrace it. This is our life now. So we still have to live it to the best we can. It’s been super helpful to have a friend who is studying astrology and spirituality. She has taken it upon herself to be a healer and help not only herself but also her friends during this life shift.

But I can’t say I don’t have moments where I don’t feel a ton of different emotions. I do. It’s hard. Acceptance is hard sometimes. But, no one wrote the book on this. They definitely should.

Be well,
Josette-Buenos Aires
August 2020