Friday, May 29 – Do Not Pass Go

Dear Diary,

Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.
I’ve decided to move in the middle of quarantine. I thought I could do it, but I can’t. No, I really can’t. And by what I can’t do, I mean to continue to live in a place that is just not up to par. So, please keep your fingers cross that something comes up – it’s time anyway.
Another chance for me to have a place that’s just for me (and the cat, of course).

Just the two of us

I’m not sure of the logistics of how this is going to work, but somehow, it will work. Maybe you should cross those toes while you’re at it.
I had quite the interesting experience last week, and a couple of people have asked me about it. So, here goes…
I’m sure we’ve all been wondering about what it would be like if we needed a doctor, dentist – any other kind of medical specialist – I can’t deny there isn’t some worry on the matter – I’m sure it’s the same for all of us. Well, it was my turn. A dental issue popped up, and I thought, “crap.”
I am fortunate enough that I have a great contact in terms of dental issues – he’s really a periodontist – you know, they deal with the structures of your mouth more than anything – but he offered to see me as an “emergency” and help me out. I was super worried, but he assured me it would be okay.
So, first, to get to his office, which is on the other side of the city, I had to hire a friend of mine who is not only doing delivery but also can be hired as a secure ride. After we agreed on a price, I made the appointment with the periodontist and then scheduled my friend – holy.
Considering this was the first time I’d really been anywhere in 2 and a half months, low and behold this:

Santa Fe Avenue

“Oh, but it’s supposed to be a quarantine,” you may think.
Well, ya could have fooled me! This was what one of the avenues looked like. I was shocked just at how much transit was in the street, not to mention foot traffic too – so many people walking!
I was a bit nervous, and I have to say, about how this would all go down. I arrived at the office, and I was the only patient (I usually am). I waited at the door, and the periodontist opened the door (let’s call him Doc. That’s what I usually call him):
Step 1: Come in and immediately put alcohol on your hands
Step 2: Sit down and put your jacket and bag in a plastic bag.
Step 3: Take your temperature
Step 4: Sign a form that says you don’t have any symptoms and are aware of the risk, etc
Step 5: More alcohol on your hands
Step 6: Doc puts surgical booties over my shoes
Step 7: Doc puts a surgical cap over my hair
Step 8: Wash your hands for 20 seconds
Step 9: Put a surgical gown on over your clothes.
AND ONLY THEN can you sit in the chair.
Step 10: Rinse your mouth out with “agua oxigenada” (translation is hydrogen peroxide which can’t be the truth, but it was very disgusting and strong).
So to make a long story short, my problem was resolved and, thankfully, was not so serious. I’m grateful that the Doc took all the precautions necessary to protect himself and me from any risks.

As I mentioned before, we have to find ways to coexist with this virus – we have to live our lives the best that we can. This is why taking up new hobbies and skills or doing that project we’ve put off on the backburner for so long is so important.
I had forgotten how much I like cooking. A new favorite I really like making, thanks to my buddy, is making “cheater Pho.” The reason it’s cheating is that I don’t make the broth from scratch, which is oh so delicious.

“Cheater” Pho

What I wouldn’t give to be in a place that could have real ethnic food delivered (ahem *Toronto), but I will keep trying recipes to help give me that sense of being elsewhere.
I know that a lot of people have taken to baking – but what kind of new delicious things have you tried to make recently? And if you haven’t…why don’t you start?
Two and a half months in quarantine – don’t give up.

Be okay.
Buenos Aires, Argentina