Saturday, August 29 – The Roof Is On Fire


OK… Stop me if you’ve heard this one. An armed gang of White Supremacists showed up in a small town where riots were taking place due to racist police brutality. Police in that town thanked the White Supremacists for their support and tossed them water bottles. Moments later, one of the militia members opened fire on a crowd, killing two innocent people. He instinctively ran towards police, who provided him safe haven and released him into the night. The irony is that even the protesters who struggled to save their wounded comrade could be heard saying, “call the police.”

THE MORAL… Our need for public officials who will not violate the public’s trust will always be there. The system in place favors criminals and bigots, and that supersedes any individual violation. The entire building is on fire as we light candles, just to blow them out. That is not progress.