Thursday, May 28 – We are Open, Curious, Playful, and Flowing


An American guy living in Australia once told me that there is a “tall poppy” culture here that he finds very self-destructive. At the time, I had no idea what he meant.

After that, I traveled quite extensively, and I started to really get it. I realized how deeply embedded this indoctrination is within our culture, even more so in people who have a distorted sense of self-worth or who have been victimized throughout their lives.
However, it affects all of us to some level—subtle self-depreciation and dismissing one’s own achievements not to outshine others. Instead of celebrating one another’s wins, we cut the poppies down so we can feel equal. This behavior actually results in a toxic social norm and in people being unable to (truly) express their brilliance without being called vain or arrogant.
When we cut one another down, we actually stem the flow of our own gifts and creative energy. We also deny our own beauty and value. “If you are special, then I must be a piece of shit… attack!!!” It’s really immature and undeveloped.

When we are open, curious, playful, and flowing, we have space for awesome expressions to come through that could benefit the whole collective.
This is not to say we swing in the opposite direction and believe the sun shines out of our asses and that we are all superior and all-knowing messiahs. There is a MIDDLE GROUND.
I, for one, am working on shifting this outdated ideology and celebrating myself more. Not rubbing my accomplishments in people’s faces, but also not diminishing how awesome they are to abide by some unspoken peer-enforced rule.
Humility is a quality I deeply value, but there is a difference between humility “we are all special” and self-depreciation. “I’m not special at all.”
So in the name of changing the game, please share something that you have accomplished recently that you are proud of. Or share one thing you love about yourself. Or something you are gifted at either naturally or through hard work, and we will celebrate our wins together.