Monday, June 1 – Keep Standing Tall, My Brothers, My Sisters

By Stephen W

I’m tired; I’m beaten, saddened, I am exhausted.
Another one of us is beaten and killed
I’m saddened this is the social norm
I’m tired of us, dying in the hands of them
I’m exhausted of the prayers, holding hands, hashtags, peaceful protest and the, “Oh if he/she just complied,”

I hate that my brown skin is a target.
It disgusts me, that no matter how smart I am, they see trash.
No matter how successful I am, they see an animal.
No matter how civilized I am, they see a super predator that needs to be heeled.

In case you forgot, my people built your country.
We picked your cotton.
Birth your babies when you raped our woman
Made your house look good for the other
And you tell us, we don’t belong here in Amerikkka.

I’m tired of being on the news,
I’m tired of driving while Black,
I’m tired of walking while Black,
I’m tired of working while Black,
I’m tired of jogging while Black,
I’m tired of being born Black.

Our children being taken from us by the police; we pray.
Our woman being taken from us by the police, we hashtag
Our men being taken away from us by the police, we march.

We scream,
We yell,
We demand to be seen,
We demand to be heard,
Isn’t it time when we fight back they finally hear us?
Isn’t it time we show them our pain and make the streets bleed from it?

Keep standing tall
My brothers
My sisters
We will be appreciated
We will be valued
We will be seen
We will be loved
Because we refuse to DiE.