Monday, April 13 – Olympics Postponed, But I Hope For The Best


Hi everyone? l want to share about our country situation.
??Japan?? Olympic’s may start 2021, July.

The government says you can go to shopping only for necessities. We don’t have enough masks. This is a big problem.

In Tokyo, more than 200 people got COVID-19 a day. Only Tokyo.

Also many Japanese got covid19 virus another prefecture.
My information is only Tokyos things.

In Japan today we have 7,370 COVID-19 cases, 123 deaths. 6,463 active cases, 129 serious cases. Japanese school will start on May 7th. I hope for the best.

Many companies say that we should stay at home, and work at home, but the train and bus have normal operations. Not many people ride them, but they’re ready for emergencies.

I hope everyone is well.

Ken 2.