Sunday, June 7 – The Start of a Great New Journey

We are at the start of a great new journey. It promises the new standards, perceptions, and values that befit the human condition for all. It is new, untried and both inspiring and daunting HOWEVER it will happen NOT in a year, in fact, I would consider it miraculous if it was fully incorporated, adopted and integrated in 20 years, even 30 years would be truly fantastic, 40 years would still be really good, all things considered. True change needs constant, dedicated, focused, and guided work. It cannot happen haphazardly because you want it to happen–how ignorant, arrogant, and juvenile. If we are talking about rewriting ‘ingrained biases’ that have engraved us, often without our conscious awareness our entire lives. All those sources of, if you will, education or even media influenced ‘brainwashing ‘ must be reprogrammed in order to fit the new order. That is in itself a huge task that we begin, it seems, today.

Now I know from personal development experience because that is the individual’s responsibility, that when I was 27, I was fed up with who I was as a person so I was lucky to find a school that could help me ‘rewire’ my thinking and rebalance my emotional, and thinking processes. I attended three concentrated meetings a week. Studied from 35 – 40 books and stopped basically all other pursuits, including my frequent club nights ( at least three times a week, my record was 14 nights in a row) to work with 60 others, each following their own unique development journey to refine, rebalance and reset their lives. At one point, I did not go to a bar or club for three years, and I felt no desire to waste my time. I think I averaged about three times a year after that initial concentrated effort. And remember I love dance clubs. I love dancing!

After seven tough but ultimately enjoyable and fulfilling years, I was at about 60% along my intended goal to improve myself. Now I would literally be training and listening to audiotapes 50% of my waking hours; in that time, I learned so much about the world and myself. So as an example of my commitment and focus with skilled instructors, I saw what a 27 growing to 35-year-old could accomplish in seven years but it took all that time and focus. Now I was only (estimate) 60% of my intended goal after that time, but now many in the world are pushing for major change. They want it, but what about those who are not sure? Well, even for those who want it, will they commit to intense self-work to become more aware of their failings and weaknesses 24/7? Are they willing to fall on their face or be shown time and time again ( skillfully and gently ) that they have messed up, to be given another chance maybe the 500th time that year, etc. Because real change, against self-programming, is an uphill battle, against so many hidden traps that only are activated if you attempt to reprogram yourself. You will doubt yourself; others will doubt you, you will need supporters who know your struggles, and you will need a higher perspective guide(book and people) that keeps you aligned. This is what many of the world now claim they want, but we will see if they have the resolve, dedication, love, faith, tenacity, and strength to make this journey.

This is that time, and this will not be a one year sprint; it is a 25 year marathon. I do not expect the average person to give it all up and focus for 7-8 years, so I would more realistically estimate it will take 30-40 years to implement this major change, especially with the lack of an agreed-upon guideline or plan and teaching. There are so many mixed messages that will confuse many who may fall off the path in six weeks, six months or maybe even six years as I witnessed many do that. It is just how it is. So let’s do it. It is the tipping point into a better world.

Also added note* if you do not see me screaming at the front of a protest march, and believe me I am still enraged, it is because I am much older and hopefully wiser than in my ‘fighting 20’s and 30’s.’ I have witnessed countless times, people stand up in front of a gathering and give the most impassioned, moving speeches about finding the most important thing in their lives and making dedicated claims to champion this new hope forever, describing life-changing situations that brought tears to my eyes, but two weeks later that person is gone or maybe a month later. After the first two, you think it is a fluke but after you have seen this happen five or six times, you realize it is a reality for many and a trap to avoid in one’s journey. So I want to be that person standing with my fist raised 20 years from now ready for the next 20!